Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We are alive and well

Yes we are still all alive....
We haven't had internet for over a week and I even went without a phone for a week too. But starting tomorrow I should be all up and running again. So I promise I'll post lots of pictures and a HUGE write up!!!! Luke just finished having 6 days off so we've been out on great family adventures every day.... Today we finally stayed home.. I have to admit it was good but I did feel a little bored. On Luke's days off we went roller bladding twice and yesterday we headed up to Kananaskis. It was an amzing day of hiking and playing in Barrier Lake. We were the only people at the lake....well except the 2 french girls in there rubber dingy. They didn't seem to mind Luke swimming in his underwear.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Really once again there isn't too much new out here in Calgary. Karen leaves today and my parents just arrived yesterday. Dylan and I went to a new preschool yesterday and registered him for the fall. The teacher there wants him to be in the older kids class..ages 3-4...still not too sure how I feel about that..he is still so little!!! I think I'll get Luke to bring Dylan to school on the first day. The preschool is 2 days a week and the class is two hours each time. It will be a nice break for me and Dylan. It looks as though we will be staying in our condo for awhile longer we just can't afford the house prices in Calgary. But we continue to pray that God will send something our way... We are heading to Kamloops on the 21 of June and staying for about 6 days. See you all then...I hope!!!!!