Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My baby is 1

This is just a short little post to get a few pictures of the birthday boy out there to all of you who didn't make the party.....
Caleb was a good sport and wore the silly cone hat for a little while. His favorite part of the day was the vanilla cupcakes loaded with chocolate icing...yummy!!! By the end of the party Dylan still didn't seem to understand the concept of today being Caleb's birthday not his.

Last moments in Calgary

Being as it is our last fews days..hours...minutes in Calgary, we are busy doing everything from packing up to visting our family for the last time. The other night we made a trip down to "Old Nana and Papa's" house. We've had many great visits with them and very sad to be leaving them. We'll miss you and love you lots!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

All Aboard!!!!

Now if I could just get him to sit still long enough for a photo!

48 Hours of Valentine's Day

No matter how many times I tell Luke not to get me flowers on Valentine's Day ..HE STILL DOES!
I just hate how for one day out of the year the price of flowers seems to rise 100%.
Well nonetheless I love them!! And I love him of course for making me feel so important.
So the flowers arrived the 14th...

followed by a card which read...
My Love,
I love you today, more than yesterday but probably not as much as tomorrow. You have become part of me and there would be no me without you.
With all my heart,

Now just when I feel that with everything going on we are so far apart he gives me that. I feel that God has truly blessed me!

And then last night he surprised me with dinner and a Flames game. It was genuinely so much fun! We drank we cheered we enjoyed each other’s company. And had the best Malt EVER!!!!
By going to the game last we only have one more thing to do before we leave Calgary....the calgary tower!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Caleb's First Word!!!!

So my little boy has finally uttered his first word...
I guess we say it to him a little too much..
Now he thinks it's funny when I tell him to get down he just repeats it and laughs.

And today he took his first couple steps!!
Look out Dylan here comes Caleb .......Revenge is Sweet!!!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Nana's New Blog!!!

We are excited to announce that nana has finally entered the wonderful world of blogging. Through much frustration and time she has created her own blog which contains a large majority of stories about my two wonderful boys...
So if you didn't get enough of my children from reading my blog give hers a try!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


On a trip to Kamloops back in November Nana purchased a toy car for Dylan. Little did we know back then that this car would be part of an ongoing search. We seem to continuously loose Lightning. And of course it being Dylan's favorite car he spends many days in distress over the whereabouts of lightning.
Dylan loves to race cars... He starts at one end of our house car in hand and shouts, "Start your engines!" At this point a God-awful sounds escapes my sons mouth (his version of a car engine) and away he races, running frantically around the house plowing over his brother in the process. Poor Caleb it's just a matter of time before he gets his revenge.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

3 weeks

Exactly three weeks today and our new home will be Kamloops BC. YAHHHH!!! Back to Beautiful British Columbia. But now I'm frantically packing and trying to stay stress free. GOOD LUCK! Everything seems to be going according to plan.. the moving truck ..a place to live... and now if a packing fairy could kindly stop by that would be great! Or a babysitting fairy..even better!

I spent the last week in Kamloops trying to get everything organized and ready for the big move. Looks like I'm even going back to work. hooray!
Thats all the exciting news for now.. but I'll keep you all posted!
Blogger SUCKS... won't let me post pictures!!!!