Monday, January 22, 2007

This is what happens....

When I say these magic words.....

On antoher note I think the kids would be fine without me for a few days as long as Dylan opens the fridge Caleb has full access to whatever he needs.

Heading to Kamloops!!!

So once again I'm off to Kamloops alone with my children. We are flying the first class airline..WEST JET!! We'll be staying for about a week. While we are in the 'loops we have lots of people to visit and things to do......
I'm having a couple candle parties while I'm back so if anyone is interested in coming???
Karen's Monday January 29th 7:00
Marilyn's Thursday Feb 1st 7:30
I hope I'll have time to visit you all while I'm back!!
See you soon.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Gold Canyon Candles

Here's the Gold Canyon Gossip! So far things have been pretty steady.. 3 more parties in January. I'm really excited and impressed by the new catalogue there are some really beautiful candles and holders.

The candles are starting to sell themselves, which is nice because it seems that once people have the candles they just want more! I still enjoy selling so thats a wonderful sign that things are good!
Feel free to check out the new catalogue at or just on the link.
Thanks everyone for your support!

Where have the Sheppards been? ......

They must have company? NO!
They must be on Vacation? NO!
They must be working lots? NO!

Here's the answer......
Every single person in this house came down with the nastiest flu ever known to man. For adults it's not too bad because we have the ability to make it to the bathroom before we explode out both ends. For children it's a different story. 10 loads of laundry later...carpets and bathrooms spotless, my house has never been so clean! Once even on my come on that has to be the worst place to throw up! I guess it's just part of parenthood. I just hope I don't see that part again anytime soon.
I think we've had our share for a while. Praise God for good health.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today we had a little visitor. Milla was over today with her mommy Laura. We had a great visit before her mom had to rush off to school and leave Milla behind with me and the boys...poor girl. She was a perfect angel didn't even cry once. She loved the swing and fell asleep dispite all the noise around here! Thanks for the visit Laura and Milla... anytime!
Can't wait to have your candle party!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's Official!

From April 19-26 I will be spending countless hours relaxing on this beach....
The Dominican Republic!!!! I'm so excited! Now the scary part.. Me in a Swimsuit. YMCA watch out here I come.
Club Diamond pool

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is he the only one....???

Every night with out fail, Dylan goes to bed and tosses and turns for at least 1/2hr -1 1/2 hours before he falls asleep. Once I know he's asleep I wander into his room and cover him up. As I adjust the blankets I discover HE'S NAKED!!!! Every time...EVERNIGHT. So I have to crawl up into his bed and dress him. During this whole process he stays asleep. I just thought I'd ask if anyone else’s children do this.... there someone else??? Or is my child just weird?

The house that Dylan Built....

AHHHH Which Candy should I taste?????
The sugar has kicked in!!!

Looks good enough to eat.

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa

Finally Photos.... (Christmas with Nana and Papa)

Come on Dylan put the antlers on you can look stupid like aunty!!!
The Wonderful table
Christmas Eve PJ's

Santa's helpers


blogger won't let me post pictures???????

Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Adventures

We had an amazing Christmas... filled with lots of outings and family time. We started the holidays off by making and decorating Santa some very yummy cookies. Nana and Papa arrived the 21 and we quickly rushed out to finish off last minute gift buying ( you'd think we'd learn). Saturday was Nana's 21st birthday so we celebrated by going to Heritage Park BRRRR!.. But we did have a great time although freezing. That night just the adults went out to the Keg for dinner... thanks Pam for sitting! Sunday was the BIG Turkey dinner. Way too Much food as usual. That evening we all opened our gifts we got for each other. We do Secret Santa I got a gift Card to Lululemon!!!!!! YMCA here I come. The boys got an amazing train table from aunty Jana and Nana... Dylan can' t seem to get enough of it and I'm sure Caleb will be playing with it soon too. Christmas morning was spent all by ourselves. Nice and quiet.... but filled with excitement. Dylan was so happy that Santa left him more presents to open. Near the end of the gifts Dylan lost interest and just wanted to start playing with everything he had already opened. In the afternoon we headed down to the lodge to see Luke's grandparents.. we had a quick visit and rushed home to have naps before round three of gift opening took place. My parents arrived Monday night and we wasted no time before we began tearing the paper again. More great presents and Dylan and Caleb walked away spoiled again. Grandma and grandpa gave him a monster truck. During the week we went bowling, shopping, walking and to the zoolights. It went by way too fast... Maybe next year will go by a little slower. Now that it's the new year my little baby turns 1 in Feb!!!!! Yikes...I think I'm going to cry. Thank you grandparents for the wonderful time and all the great loot!!!! You outdid yourselves again!! We love you!