Thursday, August 31, 2006

Summer Lovin'

The summer has come to a screeching halt the thermometer said 6 degrees this morning and I started to wear my flannel PJs again (lucky Luke) The last few weeks have been filled with company and many exciting adventures!! The highlight of the last few weeks was camping at Dinosaur Provincial Park with the deVries Family. We had great escapades climbing up the Hoo-doos and throwing in the occasional comment like "Nice hoodoos" We had such an awesome time looking for Dinosaur bones. Can't wait to go again! I have to admit the thought of brining two children under the age of 2 camping for the first time was a little stressful. But all my worries and anxiety vanished the moment we set up camp and I did a little bit of nesting. Although have a huge 5th wheel of course would have made the trip more comfortable but then it would not have been called camping. On the way back to Calgary we stopped at the Royal Tyrell Dino. Museum. Where we had a little scare with Dylan ...he vanished just like the dinosuars did. But we found him and all is well! Now Dylan keeps telling us he doens't want to loose us again. Upon arriving back into Calgary Christa and the kids were here. Thanks for the great visit Christa. I loved having my house full of children.. I guess it sorta reminded me of daycare. All the children got along great and I was amazed at how Dylan was so willing to share all his toys. My parents are here right now helping us all out. My mom has been watching the kids while I organize Dylan's new room. And I've made a new scrapbooking table...nothing fancy but at least have a little space to create.

Monday, August 14, 2006

AHHH Quiet time

Having two children under the age of two is some days quite a task. But it is very seldom that I find myself with both of them asleep and me wondering, "What should I do?" So I guess I 've decided to blog.

The days of summer seem to have past us by even the nights are getting really cold. Most of the smaller trees in our nearby park have all turned yellow. Dylan will be the only Sheppard headed back to school in September. Poor daddy....he misses school already..YIKES! I personally think he's insane. Anyways, Dylan has been put in the three year old class I hope he does OK. He isn't even two and a half and my little baby will be with all the BIG BOYS.

So much for my quiet time Luke just came up and interrupted my blogging....three hours later Ok so now I'm back on track...Luke headed off to work. I find it so strange that I sometimes complain of having no free time and then when I have at least a half hour I struggle to keep myself doing "me" things. Me things involves activities like: painting my nails, scrapbooking (which I never do...but have all the necessary supplies) and baking. Instead I do laundry, dishes, and mop the floors. Ok so enough writing about it I think I'll go paint my nails!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Late night

The children are all nestled snug in their beds....
So I'm surfing the net seeing what might catch my eye. I'm busy trying to learn how to take better photos so maybe the internet has some helpful insight. Dylan is in a phase right now where he will not let you take his photos. So in order to take his picture you either need to be sneaky or bribe him with a tic tac...both are very successful. Well here are a few photos that are my favorites.
GOOD night...I hope

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Well where should I begin. No wonder no one ever reads our blog we can barely write in it once a week. Swan River, Manitoba was wonderful...little did we know that the hotel we stayed in didn't have internet. The only added bonus feature it did have was a fly swat hanging beside the dusty cofee maker. I'm feeling really lazy today...unmotivated. The boys are both busy entertaining themselves and I'm doing nothing. This TO-DO List is just getting bigger the longer I sit...WHAT TO DO.
I think I'll eat the jersey milk chocolate bar sitting on my counter calling my name. Maybe that will give me some energy to cross a few things off the list.