Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tis the Season

What was I thinking..... making cookies while my 10 month old was up??? Especially with his new found love of the stairs. Well we did it. Dylan and I make cookies for Santa. Dylan hates Santa so he had a hard time grasping the fact that he couldn't eat them all, and that we were decorating them for Santa.
Luke and I braved the mall last week and took both boys to visit Santa. Let me sum it up quickly for you.....IT SUCKED.. A little girl threw up in the playground and Santa didn't say two words to my children! I thought the Santa would at least try to talk to Dylan even ask him what he wanted for christmas..but NO!!!! Dylan started out ok but quickly got scared and so the tears began. Caleb only cried when Dylan really started to let the screams fly. So no picture this year. Not even one with me in it.... Better luck next year. Hope there is a better Santa....back to Kamloops we'll go!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Late night thoughts

Here I find myself once again sitting at the computer procrastinating going to sleep. I whine and complain all day long how tired I am because my children were up hundreds of times during the night, but I can't seem to get it together to just crawl into bed and sleep. My mind keeps saying...what about the laundry...the dishes....the toys....scrap booking? The list goes on an on. Luke has been working so much lately that I just don't go to bed on time. I try to stay awake until he gets home (dumb idea). He usually crawls in around 12:45 way too late for this old boot! Last night Dylan got up around 3:30 for a late night Crap...? Who wakes up in the night to unload? Strange kid (his father's son). And Caleb still can't seem to get it together to just eat enough during the day so mommy can sleep all night long. I usually don’t mind him getting up, he just comes to bed with me ( I love it) We both fall asleep while he feeds then I usually wake up and put him back into his own bed, wouldn't want to start that a habit of him sleeping wiht me. (Luke would kill me) I'm so proud of Luke and the accomplishments he has made thus far in both work, school, and own family life. I never thought finishing 2 degrees and paying off a line of credit could be accomplished while your wife spends most of her time on Mat leave .... It must have been God. Anyways, honey I'm so blessed that you are my husband, best friend and father of my children... I'm truly in love with you!


I took many photos of us decorating our tree but I can't seem to get them onto Blogger with the photo right side up????
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One of those mornings!!

So I finally get Caleb to sleep around 11:30 (his first nap of the day). Dylan is on the couch watching his favorite TV show Backyardigans (Mission to Mars). I quickly gather my showering supplies and head of course monitor. I turn on the shower (to wam it up) and switch over the load of laundry into the dryer. Into my misty oasis I go.... I'm just starting to get wet when I hear something...Caleb?..nope. MOMMY! Dylan is screaming and crying at the top of his lungs...What the heck? I open the shower door and call out for him, "Dylan come downstairs!" He replies MOMMY!!!! I pretend I can't hear him and continue to shower. Dylan has been known for his over dramatic episodes. I then hear him coming down the stairs , of course still crying. I ask him whats wrong. Tears running down his face he answers, "I just turned off my show and I wasn't finished watching it!" I ask, "Why did you turn if off?" "My foot hit the wrong botton." I tell him to go back upstairs and try to turn it back on. I quickly finish my shower and as I turn off the water I hear music. Not just any music LOUD music. Luke and Caleb are both upstairs sleeping. Luke just finished working three night shifts and would not be happy to be woken up by my needing to have a shower and leaving the children unattended. I go into the living room….. Dylan is sitting on the coffee table music blaring not just any music Much Music top 10 countdown. Dylan's eyes glued to the screen watching the latest dirty video. I quickly change the channel and cleanse his mind by switching Backyardigans back on. Well at least I got to have my shower!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh wait there's MORE!!!!

We spent about 1/2 hour taking photos and laughing at ourselves.
And for those of you who asked......

foolin' around

At first Dylan thought the pictures were tooooo scary and then he decided to join in the fun!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Today we headed out into the madness of christmas shoppers to find our first Christmas tree. It was a zoo in the Canadian Tire parking lot!! Caleb waited in the truck while we loaded up the tree Dylan picked out. Dylan insisted we get a "little pinky tree" So we got a short fat one. Anything bigger and we would have no living room left! The boys pitched in to help dad set it up.....tune in tomorrow as we decorate the tree. I sure hope we don't lose too many needles. My little moose likes to eat them! Those gotta hurt coming out?

Dear Santa....

Dylan wrote his first letter to santa yesterday....
I would like 5 presents for christmas...I would like a moster truck with remote controls, wheels, buttons, and lights. A CARS DVD with Lightning McQueen, Rockie, and Tom Mater. A new shovel for digging (a pink one) my blue one broke today. A spaceship for going up in space and waiting for lift off. Thats all....

Monday, December 04, 2006


Here's a photo from our family photo shoot....
The original picture had Dylan sulking in the background because he wasn't getting anymore smarites if he didn't smile nice....
Dylan is feeling much better. Caleb sounds awful barking like a seal. Luke is vegging in bed with a swollen mouth high on T #3's. I'm.......trying to recover from the last few nights...Yawn!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two sick kids and a third on the way!!!!

No I'm not pregnant!! The third child I'm referring to is Luke! He is getting his wisdom teeth out on Monday. So I'm sure he won't be much help around the house with two children with croup. Dylan began getting sick 2 1/2 weeks ago while we were in Kamloops. I took him to the walk in clinic while we were there. I thought he had Croup back then. The doctor treated him for an ear infection and away we went STILL COUGHING! On wednesday I took him in to the doctor in Calgary and she said his lungs sound fine and he could cough for up to three months and he just has a virus. That night he had a fever and coughed uncontrollably ALL night long. Cough medicine didn't do a thing...not even knock him out! So back in I went. Here's what transpired.... Dylan coughs once and she says.. "That sounds like Croup!" As she backs away from my child like he has the plague. I think in my head "No shit Sherlock!" So he gets a steroid treatment and off we go. Two days later he's still cough and now Caleb has started...... YIPEE! So now I'm tried and Bitchy poor poor pitiful me.... welcome to motherhood hey!